About Us

“Everything we do is to make you feel great and be happy.”

Our History

Michael Moon established Atlanta Clothing Care, Inc. (Express Cleaners) on April 3, 2002. Under his ownership, the company has experienced steady growth through the last 19+ years. Located at the edge of Johns Creek and Duluth, the facility is able to meet the demands of a growing market through exceptional quality, personable service, and quick turnaround times.

The Express Cleaners Mission

Express cleaners aims to provide all individuals, companies, and groups with the help they need to reach their full potential through expression of their expertly maintained clothing and linens. We believe that with the right presentation, anyone can pursue their calling and contribute to a better world.

Equipment Overview

Within the past five years, we have substantially expanded upon our dry cleaning and laundering capabilities in terms of equipment and staff. Our two new Firbimatic dry cleaning machines are the best in the industry and the Poseidon laundry / wet cleaning machines are equipped to offer the most sophisticated cleaning processes available.

  • x2 Firbimatic SPA (Made in Italy), new 90lb capacity dry cleaning machines

  • Poseidon Wet Cleaning Machines, new and highly sophisticated laundering equipment

  • QuickSort Conveyor, semi-automatic order organizer

  • x6 Sankosha Pressors + Baggers (Made in Japan), top of the line steam pressing machines and semi-automatic baggers

  • WinCleaners POS software + heat seals, semi-permanent tags and software to track individual garments through the process

Services Offered

We offer a range of services including those for individuals and groups alike:

  • Full service dry cleaning. This means we take care of everything, from greeting you as you walk into our store to the cleaning and processing of your items, to the return of your completed order. This allows us to effectively control all parts of the process and deliver a superior service and excellent client experience.

  • Laundry services. Our machines are capable of handling large loads of conventional laundry. We can process garments and linens in bulk and by the pound for both personal and commercial applications. Some organizations we have worked with include The Castellucci Hospitality Group of restaurants, Cady Studios, Shane Co, The City of Duluth, Crosslink Life Sciences, Wesleyan School, and multiple churches: Perimeter Church, Life Church, New Life Church, and St. James United Methodist Church. Items cleaned include tablecloths, uniforms, and promotional materials.

  • Alterations & Repairs. We have a seamstress with over 20 years of experience ready to complete any mending or adjustments you may need.

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