Home Pick Up and Delivery

You are about to discover our FREE Pick-up and Delivery service that will leave you with the feeling of comfort and more personal time on your hands. We will work hard for you, so you can relax. Learn how easy and convenient our service can be!

A few important things to note:

  • The pickup and delivery service is free.

  • There is NO minimum order amount.

  • We can only deliver to homes and offices.

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1. Contact Us Online or by Phone

Set up your account by visiting us in store, clicking here, or calling us at 770-623-6977.


When you visit us: we will give you all the necessary materials in person.

If you decide to call: these materials will be given to you on the day of your first pick up.

2. Get Schedule & Leave Payment Info

We will inform you of the days we pick up and deliver at your location.


Payments are made easily by allowing us to keep your credit card information securely on file with us. We can also send you a monthly bill if you wish to pay by check or cash.

3. Leave Clothes Out & Relax

Once we have all the required information, you may begin to leave your clothes out for us to pick up on the days we assigned for you.

Even if you are not home at the time of delivery, we can still leave your clean clothes at your door and have your new order delivered to you on your next service day.

Michael Moon in front of his Delivery Van

We offer you our sincerest gratitude for considering us as your dry cleaner of choice.

Call at 770-623-6977 or e-mail
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