COVID-19 and Our Pickup & Delivery Service.

The coronavirus has changed the way businesses all around the world operate. We are no exception. In this new normal, we are looking for ways to continue to serve our customers with the health of our community being our top priority. Our pickup & delivery service is currently the best alternative to coming into the store directly. This is because this is the best way for us to get your items cleaned and returned to you with the least amount of face to face contact possible. It is vital to take part in the collective effort to reduce the spread of the virus and return to normalcy as soon as we can. In our efforts to aid in this, we hope you will take advantage of our pickup & delivery service. Here's a breakdown of how it works (all precautions are taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when coming into contact with others):

  1. You give us your information (Basic info + CC info)

  2. We give you the days we deliver in your area.

  3. You leave out your order on these days and we return them to you cleaned the following delivery day.

Notice that you only need to do two things. Step 1 is only done once if you plan to have orders cleaned every week. Otherwise. just give us a heads up that you need something cleaned with a quick call or email. Your account will already be in place so no need to sign up again. Of course, during this pandemic, our driver will be wearing PPE and will be sanitizing frequently touched areas with each delivery to ensure the health of our clients. If perhaps you are worried about potential contact with our driver, simply inform us that you wish to avoid face to face contact and we will happily oblige. We can accommodate most special requests you may have in regards to the cleaning and delivery service - same as in store. There's no minimum requirement and no fee to deliver. Whether you have one item or a hundred, we are happy to have you.

Those who have tried it have been very happy with the simplicity and convenience of the service. Even once the threat of the current pandemic comes to a halt, we hope you will all continue to take advantage of it as it genuinely does continue to give you added benefits. We ask that you consider delivery if you still have an order in our store as well. To learn more and schedule a delivery of your order, please call us at 770-623-6977, email us at or click here. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. As always, there is no service fee, no setup fee, no contract, and no need for direct contact. Just set it and forget it.