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Learn more about the basic services we offer by scrolling down below or ask us about our services directly by contacting us today.

Same Day Services

We understand that in the midst of your busy life, it's easy to forget to schedule your dry cleaning. So, we provide two different services, Same Day service and the 24 Hour Drop Box. Read below to learn more.

Same Day Service

Need your dry cleaning done in one day? We provide same day services for your convenience.  All you have to do is drop off your dry cleaning by 9am and pick it up by 5pm. Even if you still cannot make it in time for our time frame, we complete all cleaning in-house so we can remain flexible with our time frame. Contact us today to find out if we can accommodate to your needs.

24 Hour Drop Box

Don't have time for our same day service? No worries! The 24 Hour Drop Box is our convenient solution for returning customers who bring in frequent dry cleaning. All you have to do is receive a bag from us, place your items in the bag, and drop it off in the drop box. It's quick and easy! Also, if interested, don't forget to sign up for our V.I.P. service which allows us to keep your card information on file so that you don't have to pay every time you come to pick up your dry cleaning.

Basic Services

Dry Cleaning
From removing stains to ironing to repairs, we do everything it takes for your garments to be in perfect condition.

Pick up & Delivery
We pick up and deliver for FREE! 

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Tailoring & Alterations
Our professionals are experts at alterations and repairs with years of experience!​

Shirt Laundering
We launder shirts in your preferred starch amount and check the buttons after pressing. We also scrub collars and cuffs. Any other options available upon request.

Husbandplacing ring on wife

Household Items
Bring your household items for high quality cleaning. Bed-spreads, comforters, pillows, sheets, curtains, cloths, napkins, mats, rugs, you name it!​

Bridal Services
We know that your wedding is one of the most special events in your life and we treat bridal garments and family heirlooms with the care they deserve!

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Specialty Services

Bridal Services

We know that your wedding is one of the most special events in your life and we treat bridal garments and family heirlooms with the care they deserve! We pay attention to the minor details to ensure that your items are kept in the best possible condition. Your wedding gown is pre-treated and prepared with spot removers before cleaning. It is then removed of any possible hazards such as sharp beads and sewn back on after it is cleaned. We then hand press it for roughly an hour to ensure that the quality will remain consistent throughout the dress and so that the press will stay throughout the day. We can then fold it neatly and preserve it for years to come if you so desire.

 Wedding Gown Cleaning                  Gown Preservation                    Christening Gowns                         Family Heirlooms

Formal Events

Whether it be homecoming, prom, a wedding, or any other formal gathering, you can expect to look great in garments handled by our staff. We can alter, clean, and press your best suit or dress and have it ready for you in a reasonable time frame.

    Beaded, Sequined Wear           Designer Garment Care                       Formal Wear

Rugs and Leather

Our leather and rug specialists can clean and deodorize your rugs - from those large handmade rugs to the long hallway rugs. You can also arrange a pick up for your rugs if they are oversized or otherwise cannot fit in your vehicle. These specialists can also dye your leather jackets, shoes, or bags. Fur and leather can be cleaned and returned within a week in most cases.

Call at 770-623-6977 or e-mail
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